The FossaPedia is just like the fossasite but instead of browsing in many page we browse in 1 page just like an article on the subject on Wikipedia. There will be extra information on the Fossa (Cryptoprocta Ferox). Will have picture of the anatomy and more. This is an educative page.
NOTE: All materials on this page are used for EDUCATIONAL purposes NOT commercial or financial exploitation in any shape or form. This page may take a moment to load due to its extreme size. The source is gathered from the net and intense research on the fossa. Everything has a reference and a source. Some may bring you outside of the site.

Fossa Cryptoprocta ferox fosa foussa fousa foossa foosa foosh f?s? fose fosse fu:sa fusa fu?s? 'fus?? cat-like
cryptoprocte feroce madagascar mongoose viverrids viverridae predator malagasy C.ferox long tail mammal